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sidecar, teepee, sodomy, what was in your dream, eating arrowroots, dreamt eating arrowroots, bird, that i was in a steamboat on a large river it was , handbag, pink, find, purse, 120, grapes, mango, touchdown, smoking, family members who have passed, thinking of my dead mother, current president, rotunda, flies, fliess, porche, flower smell, potpourri smell, dogs, beagles, cuttlefish, sowbugs, pillbugs, tire iron, poinsettia, children, dad, turmeric paste, green plantain, aunt, uncle, kingpin, water was leaking all over the roof of my house, spider, coast, coastline, buddhist temples,

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what was in your dream, sindoor, turmeric, pangolin, oregano, fish, lychee, poop, swordfish, money, tamarind, spooning, snake, death, cilantro, wedding, blood, teepee, lemongrass, cardamom, sunfish, sex, cockatiel, mealworms, dancing, cat, cunnilingus, pregnant, stowaway, baby,