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sunfish, someone dreamed about me dying, eating, taking communion with dead brother, hand sanitizer, priest, pregnancy, fertilized egg, funeral, someone coming out of a portapotty, sailfish, rabbits, what was in your dream, spider, harley davidson, i am applying tilak of chandan on my sister forehe, truck, car tarp, animal, madman, lover, shoes, pregnant, two, barfeet, bridge, shovel, mud, shovel mud, crossing a bridge, waiting, bedroom, past, church, blank paper, house grow up in, wheel chair, yellow dress, yellow, blue, demons, ex wife, white, white gun, guns rifle,

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what was in your dream, sindoor, turmeric, pangolin, oregano, fish, lychee, poop, swordfish, money, tamarind, death, spooning, snake, cilantro, wedding, blood, teepee, sunfish, baby, lemongrass, cardamom, sex, cockatiel, pregnancy, pregnant, mealworms, dancing, hand sanitizer, cat,