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someone imposed large amount of sindoor on my fore, ghosts, uncomplicated duplex, sinking in shit, rotten feet, man smiling, to see a building coming out of the ground, grandmother speaking to me, lightning, darts, bougainvillea flowers, buying shoes, buying sjoes, queen, white clothes, shirtless, butterfly, rolls royce, kissed neck, cowboy hat, what was in your dream, turmeric dream interpretation, dreaming about boyfriend in new orleans, sindoor, obstacle, ladder, dead old lady in a coffin, acme, elmo, margarita, horse was tranquelizer and we tried to stop them, insecticide, children, watering can, pangolins, blue snake, string mouth, pulling green string from my mouth, someone breaking my window, broken window, tin man standing in front of me, rug, carpet, socks, water fountain dancing,

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what was in your dream, sindoor, turmeric, pangolin, oregano, fish, lychee, poop, swordfish, money, tamarind, death, spooning, snake, cilantro, wedding, blood, teepee, sunfish, sex, baby, lemongrass, cat, cardamom, cockatiel, pregnancy, pregnant, mealworms, dancing, hand sanitizer,