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doggy style sex, cat, someone shot me with a gun, computer game, what was in your dream, wolf, gail, apply turmeric on body in dream, walnuts, i am eating tamarind, sindoor, sleet, blue eyes baby, i dreamt of applying turmeric on others body, fish, fast food, meningitis, water, i dreamt killing a pangolin, eating arrowroot, teepee, pregnancy, saw mill, loosing a toothe, sindoor forehead, alligator, organized, shower, charity, fundraising, hand sanitizer, sex, son kept saying jesus, in a church my son scream jesus, bike, meat, bird poop, drinking pap in the dream, hayeli, motor, lychee, dark, hibiscus, house subsiding, police,

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what was in your dream, sindoor, turmeric, fish, oregano, pangolin, lychee, poop, swordfish, money, tamarind, snake, death, spooning, mealworms, cat, cilantro, wedding, blood, teepee, sex, sunfish, pregnancy, baby, lemongrass, hand sanitizer, cardamom, cockatiel, pregnant, norway,